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Adopting From Doggedly

By deciding to adopt a dog rather than purchase one from a breeder, you are undoubtedly saving a life. We do our absolute best to place each dog in the best home for them and their new family. By following the steps below, we can ensure we place you with the best fit.

Adoption Process

  • Adoption Application - We do all our adoptions though AnimalsFirst which will prompt you to create a login and fill out an application for the dog(s) you are interested in.

  • Zoom/Phone Call Interview - Once your application is approved, we will set up a zoom call to get to know you and your family more. Be sure everyone listed on your application is available at the scheduled time.

  • Personal Reference Submissions.

  • Meet & Greet with the pup of your choice.

  • Trial Adoption Period  - If the meet & greet goes well, you will have the opportunity to take your new pup home for a 7 day trial adoption!



"Why should I adopt?"

Because adopting saves lives!

"How do I find out if a dog is adoptable?"

If the dog is on our website, its likely still available. The best way to inquire about a dog is to fill out an application and one of our coordinators will get back to you. 

"Where are you located?"

While we are based in Houston, we transport all of our dogs to the greater Seattle area. If the dog you are interested in is still in Houston, a transport will likely be happening soon and they will make their way safely to the PNW.

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