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Updated: Jul 17, 2020

2 days ago, we inadvertently posted a blog to our website which was posted with an incorrect e-mail header that was sent to all subscribers. The header read"Congratulations on being selected to adopt a Doggedly Dog!". This e-mail has caused some confusion to our subscribers regarding whether or not they were approved for adoption. We apologize for our mistake and have updated the post, but unfortunately, cannot change the e-mail header. For clarification, this correspondence was not an approval for adoption.

However, if you have been waiting to hear back on a pending application, please let us know by sending a follow up e-mail to Odds are that the dog you originally applied for was already adopted or may not be a perfect fit, but we can still potentially match you with another furry friend.

The Adoption Process

If you are approved to adopt from us, you will be contacted via e-mail for an interview with one of our team members via phone call or Zoom. If you are chosen to move forward with the Doggedly adoption process, we will contact you to notify of the next stage, which would be a reference check, meet and greet and a home check. We do not approve folks just based on their application alone.

Our process is very specific and takes time. Response times are also slower than normal due to an influx of people looking to add a new furry friend to their family with current stay-at-home restrictions. Please be patient with us! We have the best intentions for both our dog and you. We strive for the best placement for you and the dog you choose to adopt.

Why Our Dogs Are Special

Our dogs are very special, and many have come from extreme circumstances of neglect or cruelty, and require special placement. Due to this, we have chosen to facilitate adoptions differently than most other organizations. With the help of certified behavior specialists and canine trainers, we have developed an application process that takes specific details of your life into consideration, such as activity level, favorite activities and "must have qualities", so that we can better match you with the perfect dog. All of our animals undergo a behavioral and personality assessments in their foster homes, and require a minimum amount of time in foster care to be observed prior to adoption.

Once our dogs are adopted, we allow for a 30-day trial period and provide our adopters with daily training support to ensure your pup is perfectly integrated. We also back our dogs for a lifetime, meaning that our contract requires a dog to be returned to the rescue in the event that the original adopter can no longer keep their dog, whether it is 10 days or 10 years from your original adoption date. We hope this never happens, but understand that some unexpected circumstances are beyond anyone's control.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter! We truly adore our Doggedly family and can't wait for you to grow with us!


The Doggedly Board of Directors

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