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Foster with Doggedly

Doggedly Dog Rescue Society foster-based organization, which means most of our dogs are in foster homes. Majority of our dogs come from shelters or are strays that we find on the streets of Houston and since we do not have a physical location, foster homes are how we can continue to rescue dogs. Foster homes provide TLC and basic training, and our organization covers vet care and can loan supplies.

While it can be hard to say goodbye to a foster dog, it’s incredibly rewarding to set that dog up for success and see the joy the dog will bring to a new family. It’s not as hard as you may think! And, if you fall in love with your foster dog, our fosters get the first consideration for adoption.

We are in greatest need of foster homes in the greater Houston and Seattle areas. 

Cant foster? That's ok! Doggedly is also in need of volunteers to help us with adoption events, local transport to vet appointments and much more. Check out our volunteer section for more!


What is fostering?

Fostering is giving a homeless animal a temporary safe place in your home. You provide care and love until we find an adopter.

You will be supported through the entire foster period by one of our amazing foster coordinators so you will never be alone.

Why should I foster?

Fostering allows us to get to know the animal so that the adoption coordinator can adopt the pet to their perfect home. You are giving a shelter or street animal a second chance at life, instead of euthanasia. You get to choose who you foster and we will help match you with the right animal for your home.


What is the time commitment?

Adult dogs and puppies need foster homes for varying amounts of time. The majority of our fosters usually go 2 to 6 weeks but may need longer if they need extensive medical care such as a surgery or heartworm treatment.

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